The other Sarah Stevenson story

Two ways of looking at an Olympian's triumph over tragedy

On the waterfront

Ships as large as the Empire State Building will dodge ancient wrecks coming in to London's new super-port. Can it revive the Thames as a route for global trade?

How to educate a psychopath

For years, experts had resisted the idea that some children could be without a conscience. Now psychologists and educators are trying to find out if they can be taught to be good.

Get inside their heads

Teachers are both fascinated and misinformed about how the brain works. So can the billions being invested in neuroscientific research transform the way they educate our children?

"This isn't a stunt. We really are this mad."

A college principal and a professor have recreated an Oxford don's study on Hackney's murder mile, in order to help some of Britain's most deprived students. Are they visionaries, or just crazy?

"I did my best. I'm not brooding about failure."

The scourge of teachers and the only educationalist to become a household name, Chris Woodhead discusses a lifetime of battles – including the one he expects to be his last, with motor neurone disease.

The special needs cliff-edge

When students with special needs reach school leaving age, they describe the experience as like falling off a cliff. Can new legislation at last give them the support they need?